The Hudson Valley's Only Dessert Theatre!
Box Office: (845) 294-9465

1010 Route 17M, Monroe, NY 
Creative Theatre-Muddy Water Players


Technical and other positions…

CT-MWP is an all-volunteer company, and we are grateful to all those who participate both in front and behind the curtain. There is something for everyone to do as long as the spirit is willing! There are a multitude of administrative tasks that must be done to keep any organization afloat, numerous facility improvement projects year-round, and of course the crew needed for each of our productions.

Unique to our own company is the need for assistance serving our desserts at intermission. You might not think it, but cutting and serving pie is a fun activity that is appreciated by all!
Certainly the majority of our participants are interested in acting, but we are fortunate to have a devoted core of “techies” as well – but more are always needed. No matter what your talents are, if you’re willing to help , we know of something you can do to help.

Just call the Box Office at (845) 294-9465 and we’ll be glad to help you help us!

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