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Creative Theatre-Muddy Water Players

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CT-MWP Theatre Fund
Because CTMWP is a non-profit corporation of the State of New York, it is required that we retain a membership. But that’s not the only reason! By being a member you are first and foremost expressing solidarity with our purpose and goals – that being to bring the finest theatre to Orange County and beyond. Membership is intentionally set at a low price of only $15 (tax deductible).

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Beyond membership, there are other categories of giving that you can consider.

       Member, $15          Patron, $50+           Benefactor, $100+           Angel, 250+

Your support helps Creative Theatre-Muddy Water Players by providing financial stability for our continued growth as we provide important theater experiences for our community, our audiences, and our players alike.

Many capital improvements have been made to enhance your Playhouse experience including sound system upgrades, new air conditioning and heating, refinished floors, roof repairs, painting the theatre, and improved outdoor lighting during our popular free pie and ice cream intermission.

Theatre is a valuable contributor to the vibrant culture of a community. Creative Theatre-Muddy Water Players strives to be a vital part of your  community, and we ask that you continue to be a part of ours by giving special consideration to supporting our efforts. Every tax deductible gift, regardless of the amount, is important.  In addition to giving you the satisfaction of enhancing the arts, your gift, at any level, will be recognized in our program.

We greatly appreciate your gift in any amount you feel comfortable giving, and we thank you.