The Hudson Valley's Only Dessert Theatre!
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Creative Theatre-Muddy Water Players

About Us

Get Involved…

CTMWP is an all-volunteer company, and we are grateful to all those who participate both in front and behind the curtain. There is something for everyone to do as long as the spirit is willing! There are a multitude of administrative tasks that must be done to keep any organization afloat, numerous facility improvement projects year-round, and of course the cast and crew needed for each of our productions. Certainly the majority of our participants are interested in acting, but we are fortunate to have a devoted core of “techies” as well – but more are always needed. No matter what your talents are, if you’re willing to help, we know of something you can do to help. Just call the Box Office at (845) 294-9465 and we’ll be glad to help you help us!

Our History…

There are few theater companies that can boast a sustained operation over many years here in the Hudson Valley of New York. Unless funded by the government, local colleges or some other institution, it is seldom that a theatre group can survive the financial and organizational difficulties that frequently arise.

Creative Theatre was incorporated in 1978 and presented its first show, “The Royal Gambit” in the winter of 1979. During the ensuing years, the company moved around using schools in Woodbury, Tuxedo and Goshen before taking up residency at The Paramount Theater in Middletown, N.Y. from 1989 to 1994. During this time, Muddy Water Players was formed and presented numerous shows in Monroe-Woodbury schools.

After leaving the Paramount, the Creative Theatre took a long term lease on one of the larger, unused building at Museum Village in Monroe, N.Y. and converted it to a fully functional Playhouse complete with a 27′ wide by 24′ deep stage, sloped seating for 115, a computerized lighting system, lobby, back stage area, etc. Their first production at The Playhouse was “Educating Rita” performed in May of 1996. Beginning with the second show in July of that year, the company added a dessert buffet of apple pie, ice cream, iced tea and coffee during intermission. That tradition continues today and audiences have come to expect both a cultural and culinary treat from each performance.

In 1997, the remaining members of Cornwall Community Theatre Group decided to cease operation and their company was folded into Creative Theatre.

In 1998, after much discussion and a “trial marriage” highlighted by a joint production of “Arsenic and Old Lace”, it was decided to merge Muddy Water Players and Creative Theater into one operation based at The Playhouse. In a press release distributed in February of 1998, the explanation was simple: “…besides sharing both a common heritage and mission, both groups offer similar activities and theatrical productions. It has become increasingly clear that local theatre would be better served by combining our resources rather than continuing to operate in parallel.”

And in 2012 we achieved a milestone for our loyal audience…we added air conditioning to the Playhouse for some of those sticky summer nights.

Today, Creative Theatre – Muddy Water Players presents three mainstage productions a year (from May to September), a featured Fall Finale in November with a more intimate piece, and annual scholarship to a student in the performing arts. The company is governed by an Executive Board of eight members who are elected each year at November’s Annual Meeting by the paid membership.

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