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Creative Theatre-Muddy Water Players

July 26 & 27, 2021 Audition Information

Character Breakdown for “Barefoot in the Park”:

3 Men, 2 Women:

  • Corie Bratter: a free-thinking young woman who has just married Paul Bratter and who tries to decorate their apartment. Her main objective is having new adventures, and she isn’t very practical.
  • Paul Bratter: is a young lawyer who marries Corie and is far more concerned with practical matters than she is. He does not like their uncomfortable, small apartment in a bohemian section of New York City and would prefer a more staid lifestyle than his wife.
  • Ethel Banks: is Corie’s widowed mother. She lives a placid, boring life in New Jersey and can not really stomach Corie’s lifestyle. She can barely even get up to Corie’s apartment, and she tends to complain a great deal about anything new and about her bodily ailments until she finds Corie’s adventurous neighbor, Victor Velasco.
  • Victor Velasco: is Corie and Paul’s eccentric, womanizing neighbor who is a gourmet cook and who shares Corie’s sense of fun and adventure. A middle-aged man, he lives in the attic above Corie and Paul’s small apartment. He eventually winds up in a couple with Ethel after Corie sets them up on a blind date.
  • Telephone repairman: he goes up, huffing and puffing, to Corie and Paul’s new apartment in an attempt to fix the phone, and he witnesses their marital discord.