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Creative Theatre-Muddy Water Players

February 4 & 5, 2023 Audition Information

Character Breakdown for “A Murder is Announced”:

5 Men   7 Women:

  • Miss Jane Marple, an elderly spinster and amateur detective.
  • Inspector Dermot Craddock, lead detective on the case.
  • Letitia Blacklock, lady of the house called Little Paddocks, in her sixties.
  • Dora Bunner, Letitia’s fluttery childhood friend, usually known by her nickname, “Bunny”.
  • Patrick Simmons, Miss Blacklock’s young cousin. He calls her “aunt” due to age difference
  • Julia Simmons, sister of Patrick.
  • Mitzi, Miss Blacklock’s foreign housekeeper and cook, a young refugee from Europe.
  • Phillipa Haymes, a young widow. Paying guest at Little Paddocks and works as a gardener.
  • Mrs. Swettenham, widow who dotes on her grown son, Edmund.
  • Edmund Swettenham, cynical young writer who is in love with Phillipa.
  • Rudi Scherz, a local worker
  • Sergeant Mellors

Character Breakdown for “The 39 Steps”:

1 Man    1 Woman       2 Any Gender:

  • Richard Hannay: (30s-40s ish) Classic leading man type. Unflappable, Straight Man. British in every way. The only actor who plays one role.

  • Annabella Schmidt/Pamela/Margaret: (30s-40s) German spy and Femme Fatal (Annabella), Shy Scottish House Wife (Margaret), Classic British Leading Lady (Pamela), and more than a match for Hannay. German accent, Scottish accent, British accent.

  • Clowns 1 & 2: (any age or gender) Everything Else. Cockney accent, Scottish accent, British accent. The clowns must be adept at fast paced changing of characters, accents, and sets. Lots of diverse movement and physicality. They are truly the backbone of the show.