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Feb 1 & 2, 2020 Audition Information

Character Breakdown for “August: Osage County”:

6 Men, 7 Women:

• Beverly Weston – The father of the Weston family, aged 69, an alcoholic and washed-up poet. 

• Violet Weston – The mother of the Weston family, aged 65. Undergoing treatment for oral cancer, she is addicted to several prescription drugs, mostly depressants and narcotics. 

• Barbara Fordham – The oldest daughter of the Weston Family, age 46. 

• Ivy Weston – The middle daughter of the Weston family, age 44. 

• Karen Weston – The youngest daughter in the Weston family, age 40. 

• Bill Fordham – Barbara’s estranged husband and Jean’s father, age 49.

• Jean Fordham – Bill and Barbara’s smart-tongued 14-year-old daughter.

• Steve Heidebrecht – Karen’s fiancé, age 50. A businessman in Florida.

• Mattie Fae Aiken – Violet’s sister, Charlie’s wife and Little Charles’ mother, age 57.

• Charlie Aiken – Husband of Mattie Fae and the presumed father of Little Charles, age 60. Genial.

• “Little” Charles Aiken – Son of Mattie Fae and Beverly, 37 years old.

• Johnna Monevata – A Cheyenne Indian woman, age 26, whom Beverly hires as a live-in housekeeper.

• Sheriff Deon Gilbeau – A high-school classmate and former boyfriend of Barbara’s, age 47.

Character Breakdown for “A Comedy of Tenors”:

4 Men, 3 Women:

• SAUNDERS: High-strung American producer; he’s had success but worked very hard for it and it shows.

• MAX: Rising American opera singer and former assistant to Saunders; smart, level-headed, and quick with a joke.

• MARIA: Stunning wife to one of Italy’s most famous opera singers; big personality, explosive temper. Tito’s loving, long suffering wife.

• TITO: One of Italy’s most famous opera singers; regal in appearance, fiery in nature; has a bit of a diva complex and is a horribly jealous person. Actor also plays Beppo, a bellhop–joyous and full of life, down to earth.

• MIMI: Bright-eyed star hoping to be discovered; she is the daughter of Tito and Maria and, while they still think of her as their little girl, she is definitely coming into her own.

• CARLO: Dashing, young opera impresario who is in love with Mimi but seen as a threat to her father’s career.

• RACON: Famous Russian opera singer, former lover to Tito, a very intense and passionate woman.