The Hudson Valley's Only Dessert Theatre!
Box Office: (845) 294-9465

1010 Route 17M, Monroe, NY 
Creative Theatre-Muddy Water Players

Box Office

How to reserve tickets…

Performances at The Playhouse are often sold-out.       While some walk-up can be accommodated, it is imperative that you reserve and purchase seats in advance for the performance dates that you want.

ON LINE: This is the preferred way to purchase tickets.

Non-subscribers can buy tickets on line, starting a month before the show dates.

        Those requiring reserved medical seating should purchase tickets online and pick any available 

                 seats.  Then call the Box Office afterwards to have them converted to medical seating. 

BY PHONE: Our Box Office operates all the time and can be reached by dialing (845) 294-9465. Follow the instructions provided by the recording.

SUBSCRIBERS:  please call the Box Office to tell us which date you are coming… don’t use the on-line link…after all, you have already paid for your tickets!