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2024 Upcoming Auditions

Please watch this website for future audition information.

(for questions or weather conditions, call 845-294-9465)

Auditions: February 3 & 4 from 12 pm to 2 pm

     “Steel Magnolias” 

      by Robert Harling         directed by David Mossey  

      performances May 3rd thru May 19th

6 women

Auditions: February 3 & 4 from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm

     “A Comedy of Tenors” 

      by Ken Ludwig.     directed by Donna Polichetti  

      performances July 6th thru July 21st

4 men    3 women    

Auditions: Tues & Wed, May 14 & 15 from 7 to 9 pm


      by Mark Holmann and Greg Kotis  

      Directed by Cynthia Topps

      Laura Evans, musical director

      Diane Holbert, choreographer

Various men and women. Ages 16 & up.

Auditions: Sometime in July    

     “The Miss Firecracker Contest” 

      by Beth Henley      directed by Lori Crescenzo 

2 men    4 women   


Why Audition…

fatladysingIf there is a part you are interested in, or you simply have a desire to experience the audition process, we invite you to come out and be seen. It’s not wise to assume that you’ll be remembered from past auditions. If you have auditioned for us before but have not been cast, don’t let that hold you back.

Newcomers are encouraged to attend as well. Quite often folks we have never met before win leads because they are the right person for the part. Our recent seasons have welcomed many new faces to our stage, many in leading roles! Also note that in some cases we have been able to obtain waivers allowing members of Actors Equity to share their talents with us on stage. All parts are open. CT-MWP does not pre-cast. We urge everyone to audition, and we are grateful to have as much interaction as possible with you as an actor.

As Beverly Sills said, “You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.”

To Try or Not To Try…

I have seen some definite trends develop over the years with regard to the auditioning process. It seems like the talented cache of area performers is falling into three distinct groups: The faithful are those who attend auditions with a traditional perspective – they intend on putting their best effort forward and earnestly competing for the part they want.

Others do not attend auditions because they feel that they are known to the director and expect that the company will call them afterwards to read for the part if they are wanted. The problem is that our directors may not know or remember people as well as you might think. They certainly can’t always picture what a person might be able to bring to the part. Those who simply wait to be called run a huge risk. We both lose if indeed they would have been the best person for that part.

The final group avoids auditions because they are convinced that they cannot win the part. They also might be convinced that the director already has someone in mind. I can understand the anxiety that comes with auditioning and the frustration of rejection. But unless your crystal ball is a lot clearer than mine, you really have no way of knowing who else for sure is going to audition or what the director is really looking for in a particular role. You might believe that someone else is likely to get the part you want, but why deny yourself the chance to prove that this is the time when you might be the better choice?

We have been very blessed with wonderful casts for the past 27 years. The idealist in me, however, wishes that everyone has a fair chance to shine. What producer wouldn’t be excited about finding and showcasing the next Susan Boyle? Our auditions offer a chance to exercise, learn from others, and just enjoy the readings. All we suggest in return is that you prepare some by learning in advance via the Internet about the play and the role you want. Then come give it your best shot.

Bruce Roman, CT-MWP President