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Feb 2 & 3, 2019 Audition Information

Character Breakdown for “Getting Away With Murder”:

MARTIN CHISHOLM: about 50, a distinguished, formal, forceful political operative in the city.

YOUNG MAN:  (later named as JR), early 20’s, definitely slacker type with a drug problem.

VASSILLI LAIMORGOS:  40’s, very heavy Greek with an eating disorder. He is constantly eating and drinking, taking blood pressure, etc. A dealer and collector.
GREGORY REED:  40’s, real estate tycoon who owns the building they are in. Political.

DAN GERARD:  30’s, handsome African American without the use of one arm, suspended police officer, angry.

ROBERTO:   20’s, Hispanic stoner acting as building security.

DR. CONRAD BERING:  60’s, psychiatrist, professional, controlling and in control.

DOSSIE LUSTIG:  mid-thirties, described as an “almost pretty” blonde waitress/hostess.

CHARMAINE:  early 20’s, shapely, tightly dressed secretary

PAMELA PRIDEAUX:  40’s, chic and extremely thin, society matron

NAM-JUN VUONG:  40’s, Asian university professor. Chip on her shoulder.

Character Breakdown for “The Fox on the Fairway”:

HENRY BINGHAM​ (40+): Director of the Quail Valley Country Club. He is witty and cynical at times, ​much like Basil Fawlty from Fawlty Towers (John Cleese)​. He gets into a high-stakes bet on a golf tournament and is determined to do what it takes to win. He is unhappy in his marriage to Muriel, but has a long-time, unrequited attraction to Pamela.

JUSTIN HICKS​ (20s): Bingham’s new eager-to-please assistant who volunteers his services as a talented golfer to help Quail Valley win the golf tournament. He is romantically involved with Louise and proposes to her early on, but becomes emotionally distraught when things become difficult between them.

DICKIE BELL​ (40+): The director of the rival Crouching Squirrel Country Club, with whom Bingham gets into a high-stakes bet. He is a bit obnoxious, including his fashion sense, but tries to come off as good-natured. He is the philandering ex-husband of Pamela, but has a thing for Bingham’s wife, Muriel.

PAMELA PEABODY​ (35-50s): A member of the Quail Valley Country Club. She is very attractive and sophisticated, but a bit loose and a quite a drinker. Throughout the play she aids Bingham in his plans to make sure their club wins. She is venomous toward Dickie Bell, her philandering ex-husband.

LOUISE HEINDBEDDER​ (20s): A waitress at the Quail Valley Country Club. She is very attractive, and a bit flighty, but studious (especially in classic literature). She gets engaged to Justin early on, but a mishap results in her becoming very upset over their future together, making her bawl at a moment’s notice.

MURIEL BINGHAM​ (40+): Bingham’s wife, who runs an antique shop, which becomes part of the bet between Henry and Dickie. Generally overbearing and stern, she somehow has a soft spot for Dickie.