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Feb 3 & 4, 2018 Audition Information

Character Breakdown for “The Little Foxes”:

Meet the Hubbard family (age ranges for all parts are broad)

  • Brother Ben – devious, possessive, and greedy
  • Brother Oscar – arrogant, haughty, and cruel
  • Sister Regina – wickedly glamorous, manipulative, and scheming
  • Horrace Giddens – Regina’s sickly husband, a man of moral conviction
  • Alexandra Giddens – Horrace and Regina’s daughter, adores her father and her Aunt Birdie. Youthful and idealistic.
  • Birdie Hubbard – Oscar’s much-maligned wife, timid, nervous, and abused
  • Leo Hubbard – Oscar’s son, lying, greedy, and deceitful
  • Addie – the Hubbards’s maid and Alexandra’s nanny, a keen sense of justice and protective
  • Cal – slightly bumbling and mild-mannered servant
  • William Marshall – a Chicago businessman

Character Breakdown for “It’s Only a Play”:

  • Julia Budder – a first-time producer of the Broadway play The Golden Egg
  • Peter Austin – the nervous playwright
  • James Wicker – an egotistical but insecure comic actor who passed up a chance to star in the play for a television series
  • Virginia Noyes – dissolute, aging star of the play; she wears an ankle monitor and drinks and snorts cocaine throughout
  • Frank Finger – the young, egomaniacal, “genius” British director
  • Ira Drew – insecure theater critic
  • Gus – who checks the coats and hats but has aspirations for a Broadway career